Someday… some way
You will seek me out

When the day melts into the creases of dusk
When the mist floats into streets and hearts
When the cold night starts to freeze the soul
You will seek me out

When darkness darker than kohl descends
When through labyrinths the soul transcends
When the sound of my name is lost to me
You will seek me out

To thaw my heart
To bless my soul
To awaken me from slumber old
You will seek me out

Poem (humor) - A bad command or filename

On my way back home one day
I encountered someone I knew
A long lost friend or forgotten foe,
Too much time has lapsed, with surety for me to know

I dicker in my mind
Not knowing what to do
Whether to smile in acknowledgement
Or to turn my face away in reprove

The face opposite
Has an expression most random
It just says “I know thee”
But nothing else can I fathom

Oh my dilemma!
Now I shall surely lose this case
Useless mind of mine!
Can’t you put a name to a face??

And all this passed
With only a couple of moments to spare
I am all aflutter
And ‘someone’ is moving out of my sphere

I feel like an idiot
With a bubble around my head
And think about this someone later
While tucked in my bed

I beg my fuzzy mind
“Puleeeeze tell me that someone’s name”
And my dear 'ol mind says,
“Bad command or filename”