Restlessness and Sleep

Restlessness comes,
Peeks over my listless body
Smiles and
Curls up next to me
'Why so alone?' he asks.
And then my mind whirls,
Flutters, sways, churns.
Peace forgotten, I rest
My body alone,
My mind, all in a dither
Silent tears brimming
I think of Sleep
My old paramour...
You left me for
A new love...
Does she smile
When you caress
Her hair?
Does she whisper to
You from distant lands,
Her closed eyelids moving?
Does her bosom heave
With the slow rhythm
of your song?
Do her hands smell
Of fading henna?
Restlessness embraces me
'Look at me, darling,
He never did love you,
But I...
I am here for you...
I'll hold you.'
I stifle a sob and
Rest my tired head
On his thorny shoulder
For tonight he'll do
Tomorrow is
another night, though
And I'll hope again...