the will and the way

Once will said to the way
Come with me, come away
The way just quietly lay
Ignored will, looked away

Will had had her say
But the way did never sway
And that is the day
Will made her own way

Things at times have a way
Of falling apart and falling away
But like they always say,
Where there's a will, there's a way

The morning after

Scattered pieces of china
The only
Remnants of my anger
Staring back at me
Demanding reason.
I cannot think
Of a good enough one
Now, the morning after.
Then, it seemed important
That it doesn’t remain whole
That I crash and break and
Let them know
I am angry, I am not happy.
Now, I am too tired to be
Angry, sad, or upset
I want to get up
Pick up these pieces;
But neat spaces, clean floors,
Everything seems unimportant
Now, the morning after