Who am I?

We had this Friday fun event at CDG (my department) where we had to do something on the topic 'Who am I?' Most people drew and sketched and made collages. What a talent! Since I am a total dud at drawing/sketching, I decided to write a poem instead. Posting it here now.

Who am I?

I am the one who walks alone
Yet stands by you when all are gone

I am the one who hears it all
Seems quite small, but still stands tall

I am the one who values friends
And believes means mean more than ends

Journey, to me means more than the destination
Still I am the one who’s marred by consternation

But oh, how I wish I knew who I am!

I am not the one I see in the mirror
I am not the one you see either

I am more, much more than this, I know
But nothing of me I can bare or show

I might just live in this corner of the world
And then die one day without having been told

Who I was and what this life was for
Just always headed to the next open door

Like levels in a game of increasing skill
Life will ebb away when I don’t get my fill

Of life, of love, of warmth and health
Of honest passion, without stealth

So long! And I will say this before the gong chimes -
I like being among you, O, people of my times!