To be myself

One day, that’s all I ask
One day as you
Is it possible?
Can it be true?

Let’s barter our lives
You give me yours
And I’ll give you mine
My minutes, my hours

How would it be to be you?
To look through those eyes
To feel that skin around my body
To speak that silky voice

Oh, and while you use this life
Maybe you should know
The knee creaks a little
And the laugh lines show

It’s quite fine actually
Works well most days
Only some blue times
It rocks and sways

Good old life of mine
I didn’t hate it always
I do smile a lot
When I think of old days

Like the rainy day when
I first met that man
The smiling eyes
The promise of dawn

The swagger of youth
The bliss of love
The ecstasy of faith
And the flight of a dove

I think I’ll let it pass this time
I think it’s okay
Today, I want to be myself
Maybe you... another day?

Almost Made

You come dressed in shades of black
When I sit back and begin to slack
You don’t speak, nothing you say
But I want to be walking away

I look at the ceiling white
And think if I just might
See your face in every glare
Of the lovely chandelier

You seem to move your mouth
I want to scream and shout
Are you speaking a strange tongue?
Or is this the song we sung?

You say you wish me well
And you’d rather not tell
That sorry tale long forgotten
That bares my heart rotten

I close my eyes and sigh
But I wonder by and by
Why you came to serenade
When I had it almost made

Now all my joys are your alms
All my success a gift off your palms
All my grandeurs cascade
Alas! I had it almost made