For the living

The lovely walk,
Along a tree-lined path
The green, the yellow,
The mustard, the brown
My eyes soak in
The beauty of the world
The smell of earth,
The touch of the grass
The feel of the sun
On my cheek
The wind tousling
My hair carelessly
I love it all
I drink it in

A rendezvous
with friends and beau
The kisses, the hugs,
The jokes, the gossip,
The stories told
The hands I hold
My heart soars
With joy, with glee
The lover serenades,
Plays a lovely song
Music divine
Blesses my mind
The piano, the guitar,
The harp, the sitar
The loving arms
Around my shoulders
The look in those eyes
The happy smiles

The table set
With all the care
Drinks and eats
To sate and spare
The color of the wine
The feel of the bread
The salt, the sweet,
The sourness, the spice
I smell, I taste,
I feel the food
I revel in it
And I feel alive

I wonder with a slight pang
If I truly understand?
That all the beauty,
All the joys,
Are there for the living alone...
What is smell, taste, sight, feeling?
To a man, who is far-gone?
Gone beyond the realm
Of the world we know
Wonder if he thinks back?
Wonder what he misses?