You are not a friend
You are not a foe,
But I dislike you
The more I get to know

What is it that irks?
I ask of my mind
Everything about this person
Objectionable I find

Is it the smile then?
Or is it the words?
Is it the countenance?
That tugs at hatred’s chords?

Surely your heart’s black?
But how am I to know?
For I can’t read minds
And hearts too for sure

Is it the laughter,
That sounds unnatural?
Or is the spite
That seems quite natural

Yes you are hate-able, despicable
But why?
Why can’t I like you
However hard I try?

False pride you have
And think none’s above you
You are difficult
How’s anyone to love you?

I suddenly have my answer
I suddenly know
The hatred stems from me when
I see myself in you