3D, 4D, why this kolavari Di?

I watched Avengers some time ago. I liked it. Okay, the first half could have been better but guess there was just too much story to set up. So what happens is that you’re just waiting and waiting for Banner to turn into Hulk and for Tony Stark to be in his suit; and it just drags on. (I love Stark without the suit too – he’s a brilliant character. Some others are just so boring and dry they could catch fire if not careful.) But this is not a review of the film. This is really about something else.

All through this film that I had waited and waited to catch, I was totally disturbed by the stupid 3D glasses. They were so freaking uncomfortable! And well, the 3D was quite unnecessary, I thought. I don’t know if everyone felt this way or it’s just me. I want to be completely into the film when I am watching it, and the 3D just won’t let me!

It’s like every two minutes something flies at you and reminds you that you’re watching a movie. They might as well shake your seats and laugh loudly in your ear. I mean, please movie people, you need to get a grip. We go to the cinema for the high of losing ourselves in the story. Something coming flying at me every two seconds is not really my idea of involvement.

And the whole effect was crappy. The screen looked dark almost the whole time. Not sure if this is how it was everywhere or the theatre I watched it at had some problem. In any case, a part of me was just dying for this torture to end so I could take off the freaking glasses. Interestingly, the film was good so it kept me in my seat despite the inconvenience and discomfort. But I couldn’t help thinking how much more I’d have enjoyed it if I’d just watched the 2D version of it.

The most annoying part is that the images look grainy and blurred if you take off the glasses. But at least the screen gets lighter, so I did watch part of the movie without the glasses; blurry, but in perfectly good color. So basically, I paid through my nose at a multiplex to get annoyed, irritated and totally miserable.

And I hear 4D technology is here. Geez. I wonder what it does. As if the just the glasses were not uncomfortable enough.

I am scared to think of what 5D, 6D and 7D technologies will do to me. Will the actors stand around me and perform while I cower in fear of being struck dead? Will the hero jump and kiss me instead of the heroine? That should be good though! Imagine being kissed by Tony Stark. Haha. I can sure deal with it.

But then there are some movies I absolutely enjoyed in 3D! How to train your dragon was brilliant and I really liked the effect. Avatar was great! I only remembered at the end of the movie that I was wearing the glasses.

But Avengers 3D did not work (for me at least). Maybe 3D needs a whole new technological shift – lose the glasses, for starters. Most viewers don’t want to be dazzled by a firework display of super effects – we still want the good old story telling and emotional involvement. Somehow technology seems to come in the way. So movie people, how about just ditching the whole 3D thing and just concentrating on making a good movie instead?

I believe 3D should come with a caveat: Use only if absolutely necessary. And please, only if it enhances the emotional connection in some way, not if it hampers it.

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